To become a medical writer

In the case (Heaven forfend) there is someone out there in the same situation I am, I’m writing this post to provide some answers about where to get some needed credentials and contacts.  Yes, you (like me) may possess an advanced degree, but you will still need additional letters after your name in order to be taken seriously (and also to be paid seriously).

The American Medical Writers Association  offers online credentialing courses for a fee, as well as membership.  The perks of membership bring networking, discounts on the great variety of continuing educational materials offered, and employment opportunities.  The AMWA hosts conferences in addition to its online resources and materials where not only more learning but networking is available.  You can follow AMWA on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

The National Association of Science Writers is an incredible site!  I love the deep discounts available for student memberships (only $33) and the low cost of regular membership (a mere $).  Online discussion forums, sponsorships, and the ability to post your work are available on the NASW site.  I particularly love that this site lets you create your own website free of charge with membership.  As above, you can follow NASW on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

LinkedIn is another networking tool.  LinkedIn is more than just a networking site, however:  you can search for jobs in a meaningful way with this site.  When one of your contacts has a birthday or other reason to celebrate, take a moment to send him/her a meaningful, cogent, short message.  This simple action could get you a (dream) job opportunity.  You will never know until you try.

I know I need credentials.  In the meantime, I am stuck looking for a “mean-time” job.  My concern is my “mean-time” jobs are in danger of becoming my real job.  I am determined not to give up: I am determined to make good use of my hard-earned Medical Doctorate.  I want to make my teachers, classmates, family, and friends proud of me.  I want to earn a good living.  I want to help others.

Persistence is the key.


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