Things to do with your MD…

First, I’d like to address any other poor schmuck in the same boat as I: Not all hope is lost (yet). Just because you were stupid enough not to finish a residency doesn’t mean your MD can now represent “Most Dumb.” (Mine just currently stands for “Majorly Desperate” – the acronym’s meaning changes as my circumstances do.)

I found a few websites which offer alternatives to a clinical career in medicine, and some strategies on how to get to one’s newly desired career goal. Most of the time these new options require money (of which I have none at the moment) for continuing education and/or accreditations. has so much information on its site that it can initially be overwhelming. The major problem I found with the site, however, was some of the options listed (like becoming a genetic counselor) require you to have a great deal of additional training (such as an MS in genetics counseling plus getting the credentials). If you are anything like me, you are up for some additional training, but not to go back to school for another degree – yet.

University of Colorado School of Medicine put up a nice site which gives general information and then specifics on medical writing, public health administration, and a few other fields which are open to the MD without a residency.

I did come across a bitter and interesting article in Physician’s Weekly about a new Missouri law which enables MD’s to practice without training right out of med school. I don’t know if one could pursue this option years out of medical school sans any hospital experience in the mean time or not. I would love to go and set up my own practice, but being as though I’ve not touched a patient clinically in 14 years, this might not be very good for said patient (or my malpractice insurance rates).

Non-clinical career information can also be found on SEAK’s website. If you register with them you also get a brochure mailed to you detailing SEAK’s upcoming conferences (way out of my personal budget currently). This is an incredibly great site; if I had unlimited funds, I’d immediately register for an upcoming conference, as they have great mentors and job opportunities at each one. One day, perhaps….

Whatever you do decide to do, stick with it. Not all hope is lost, my dear doctor friend. Don’t get overwhelmed and just try to get one step closer to your new goal each day. MOOCs are an excellent way of gaining new skills and getting certified in your own time. Open Culture has so many various links to universities and courses (plus free movies and books) it is ricockulous.


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