Cell Phone Pet Peeves

Surely I can’t be the only person irritated when some uncouth individual holds me hostage to his or her cell phone conversation, annoying playlist, or loud game.  In fact I know I’m not, as I was lucky enough to find some great websites with rules (and even pictures) concerning proper cell phone etiquitte.

Bianca Bosker, the Executive Tech Editor for The Huffington Post compiled a nice, easy to read list of cell phone do’s and dont’s here.  I especially love Ms. Bosker’s article because she includes tips for kids at the end.  She posts an interesting set of graphs which show the increase of cell phone possession by children aged 12-17 years.  I have heard all sorts of interesting arguments for children needing cell phones, i.e. “playing video games on the phones increases manual dexterity”  (how did the pre-millennial generations ever learn to be skillful with their hands?).  I’m not convinced my sweet child needs one.  She needs air, food, water, and shelter; she doesn’t need the latest iPhone.

BuzzFEED,com published a great list, also.  Mike Spohr, the author of this list, enumerates twenty-three cell phone no-no’s.  I especially loved numbers 9, 10, and 16.  This list comes with some amusing animated gifs for number headings as well.

Finally, WikiHow has complied an awesome listing of faux pas to avoid when using a cell phone.  The thing I liked about this particular list was the short Q&A forum.  Of course WikiHow would have a list – you can find out how to do (or not do) practically anything on this site!

Cell phone etiquitte boils down to good common sense.  If you would not want someone to do something (like force you endure his/her very private, very embarrassing romantic conversation because you are stuck less than a foot from him/her in some crowded venue) then do NOT do it to anyone else.  Observe the 10 foot rule.  Turn your phone off when with others.  Learn to text (on vibrate mode), so no one else must listen to you tell smooch-bottoms you’ll be there in 5 minutes and you can’t wait to get in his/her unmentionables.  Don’t hold others hostage – period.